9 City League players called up to play rep this season!

posted Dec 10, 2014, 8:39 AM by Mmba WebAdmin

City League is proud to announce that a number of our players have been called up to play on our rep teams. We would like to congratulate these players and wish them the best of luck on the season ahead. There is a different rep coach in the gym every week, assessing, looking for that key player to make an impact on their roster. In total, we had 9 kids get called up to a rep team, proof that hard work in city league will get you noticed. The league would like to acknowledge these players and we look forward to continuing to provide a platform for these kids to showcase their talent.  

We would like to commend the following players: 

Mike Z -Novice Boys #1 Rep Team

Chetan B -Novice Boys #2 Rep Team

Alex R -Major Atom Boys #2 Rep Ream

Mathew C -Major Atom Boys #2 Rep Team

Arvind N -Major Bantam Boys #2 Rep Team

Dante B -Major Bantam Boys #2 Rep Team

David F -Major Bantam Boys #2 Rep Team

Isaiah B -Major Bantam Boys #2 Rep Team

Matthew P -Major Bantam Boys #2 Rep Team