Congratulations to the Heat for winning our Spring 4on4 High School Boys Competitive League!!

posted Jun 19, 2013, 8:10 AM by Mmba WebAdmin
In a very tight final four match up, the Heat defeated the Monarchs & the Warriors defeated the Hawks to meet in the finals!
It was a 1st place vs 2nd place match, and you knew it from the very tip-off!!!

The Warriors battled hard, however the very strong Heat team fought through to win back to back gold medals!!
Congratulations to all members of the Team Heat and all participants from our 2013 Spring 4on4 Competitive League!!!

Gold Medal Winners -Team Heat
Top left to right: George, Shane, Justin & Mark
Bottom left to right: Jan, Richard & Ethan (Missing: Luis)

Silver Medal Winners -Team Warriors
Left to right: Daniel, Hassan, Jason, Ibraheem, Shami & Justin (Missing: Jafar & Chris)

Bronze Medal Winners -Team Hawks
Left to right: Yasir, Dzemo, Krishna, Arjun, Umer, Jack & Hayden (Missing: Sashaank)