posted Oct 1, 2013, 8:15 AM by Mmba WebAdmin   [ updated Oct 23, 2013, 6:12 AM ]

While Ontario Basketball (OBA) works with its various committees on the appropriate use of leagues throughout the Province as part of its competition structure, the organization will support those current leagues whose teams are part of member clubs in good standing with Ontario Basketball and support the principles of Canadian Sport for Life.

It is important for OBA to protect the integrity of its member clubs and therefore cannot endorse any leagues that operate with non-member club teams. Any OBA team participating in non-endorsed leagues are advised that its insurance coverage, provided through its OBA membership, is invalid and any competition, whether with another OBA team or not, will not count towards minimum game requirements or ranking and seeding purposes.

While current leagues such as JUEL and ABS have formed throughout the past couple of years independently, they have been created in unison with OBA member clubs and in consultation with OBA staff and board.

The recent formation of other leagues such as CYBL are being created with teams and clubs that unfortunately fall outside of the OBA system in an attempt to separate the basketball community and therefore will not be endorsed or sanctioned by the provincial governing body.

Through collaborative efforts among member clubs and other Ontario Basketball stakeholders, we look forward to advancing the competitive development opportunities for our athletes and coaches. OBA member clubs who have invested years of strategic development, community partnerships and service in creating a complete basketball pathway must be protected against those individuals who simply establish independent clubs and teams at an opportunistic age of development and influence.

It is the hope of Ontario Basketball Board of Directors, that by taking a stronger stance on these matters, and introducing upcoming strategies such as Club Excellence and the Governance Committee, we can better serve, promote, protect and reward our dedicated member clubs.