Monarchs D

The Development League Program is open to all players from beginner to Intermediate for ages 4 – 18.  This is the program participants will register in to learn how to play the game of basketball and to develop fundamental skills.   At the youngest ages, basketball is introduced through non-competitive, fun and interactive activities. At the older ages, basketball development is taught at an accelerated pace, with high-school age players beginning to play a game on their first day of the program.   At the Monarchs we have been teaching basketball to the beginner and intermediate player for almost 30 years, and we strive to stay current with recommended basketball development techniques and approaches. Our staff are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about the sport and working with children and youth.

Are you looking for more of a challenge? We have a new league for boys ages 8 - 13, see City League Hoops.  Boys Ages 14 - 18 can compete in our High School Varsity leagues. See High School Varsity League.

Winter Development League information

Sessions for ages 4 to 5 (micros)  are 1 hour per week of programming, while allowing 1.5 hours in the schedule for extra time needed for getting the kids ready to come and go. Fun  games with hoops, and basketballs, shooting, passing, dribbling, as well as fundamental movement skills are what this program is all about.   

Sessions for ages 6 to 13 run 1.5 hours per week. The time slot gets divided into a practice (skills development) and a games / scrimmaging segment.   

Sessions for ages 14 to 18 run 2 hours per week. 

Girls Only sessions for ages 8 - 18.We offer girls only Development League sessions for Novice (ages 8 - 9), Atom (10-11), Bantam (12-13) and High School (14 - 18). We also offer a Monday night Girls Got Game program, a drop-in games only night on Monday evenings for Jr(ages 9 - 11), and SR (12-18); includes a Mississauga Monarchs branded jersey, shorts and basketball (value $60).  This program is FREE for all players registered in the Development League.  Girls can join any of our programs and any time throughout the season; ask the office about a pro-rated fee for late registrations.

RefereesAll sessions for ages 10 & up will have referees.  Under 10 age sessions have the coaches referee modified games.