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Use of School Facilities

The Peel District School Board and the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board have been kind enough to rent their gym to the MMBA. Without their support our programs could not exist. To maintain this relationship we need your co-operation to ensure the rules and regulations set by these Boards are adhered to at all times. Please make sure your players are aware of the following:
  1. Activities must be confined to the immediate areas around the gym.
  2. A change room will be available. Advise players not to leave valuables in the change room.
  3. Enter and exit by the designated doors only.
  4. Children must be supervised at all times and they must not enter the building until the person (Coach or Convenor) in charge arrives.
  5. No boisterous play is permitted in the halls, washrooms, or change rooms.
  6. Hanging on rims and dunking the ball on the non-collapsible rims is not allowed.
  7. Only non-marking, soft-soled running shoes are allowed on the gym floors.
  8. No food or drink is permitted in the gym area.
  9. No smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted on school property.
  10. The incidence of any damage done to school property will be reported by the Convenor to the custodian and Program Director.
  11. Please clean up facility before leaving (i.e. water bottles, equipment, etc.).
  12. In the winter, dry shoes only will be permitted in the gym. No boots in the gym.
  13. Please ensure Fire Exits are kept clear.
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